I got an email today from a friend who works as a research advocate for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Her organization has planned a program in January that may interest individuals in the prostate cancer community. Her email reads:

For those with cancer, advocates, family and friends and those who serve them,  Pls circulate this information – it can benefit many. We are an all-volunteer organization reaching hundreds of thousands online.     Everyone with cancer has questions about complementary, alternative (CAM), natural or integrative therapies. Advocates need to find out MORE about this:

The Annie Appleseed Project’s  conference on “Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies for Cancer Advocates and Patients” aka CAM for Cancer Advocates.

January 10-11, 2008 in West Palm Beach, FL   Registration is open, hotel link is up!  We’ll have tables for exhibitors, show some DVDs and network.  Some organic food served.  Check out our speakers bios and website links.   5 new speakers included, October 2007

We want to help educate advocates, people with cancer, and interested others about the evidence behind CAM.  We’ll also be talking about evidence gaps, funding, choices, patients’ stories, opportunities,  and much more.  Since studies show so many are interested, so few talk to their healthcare practitioners and there is so much evidence, come find out.  Bring this information back to your communities, and help answer the questions.

Please accept this invitation and join us.  Contact me if you have any issues. And please, pass this invitation along to others, thanks.

Ann F.