The other day my wife went to her grandmother and aunt’s apartment to pick Dev up from a sleepover. When she arrived at their home Mama did what all of our elders do – she started to size-up her granddaughter in her unique playful way. She commented on how my wife has put some “meat on her bones” (all in the right places I must add), and that she looked good. Her aunt, always one to notice something new, declared that she liked her new boots. My wife responds “oh yeah, these are Pucci.” That’s when Dev’s ears perked up and he stood up. “Pucci?!” he said. “Don’t say that word! Don’t say Pucci, that’s a bad word.” Then he sat back down, dismayed by my wife’s foul mouth. I can only imagine what he thought that name meant.

BTW – You may have noticed that my blog has been erratic with it’s look lately. The problem is that I’m trying to find a new look but the themes that I have been using keep crashing then switching back to the default theme. This seems to be a problem that’s relatively common with WordPress themes and they don’t have a solution for it. So until I find a new theme that will work properly you may visit and find a mess, but it’s still me. Thanks.