OK, I give up, what’s a man to eat? Red meat and dairy are terrible for us, we all already know that, but now eggs and poultry are on the do not eat list. Pretty much this leaves us with vegetables only. I know, a vegetarian or vegan diet is understood to be best, but I just do not have it in me. My wife has been a vegetarian for any years, but she does eat eggs and things made of eggs. I do not know, life is a struggle, but let me eat what I want.

Some researchers at Harvard looked into what makes prostate cancer spread. They looked at over a thousand men with early stage prostate cancer and followed them for a couple years to see if there was anything in their diet associated with cancer progression. They wanted to know what in the diet encouraged the cancer to become more aggressive and spread. They came up with some amazing conclusions that might change all of our lives.

They concluded that men who ate a single egg – or even slightly less – a day doubled their risk of having their cancer spread compared to men who hardly ever eat eggs. Simply put, a man with early stage prostate cancer eating even a single egg risks doubling his chance of having his prostate cancer become lethal, the chances of his prostate cancer metastasizing.

In the American diet eggs proliferate. You can easily consume more than one egg a day without eating an egg. Eggs are in many of the day-to-day foods we eat. They are in muffins, bread, salad dressing, sauces, pretty much everything we eat. So, you don’t even need to fry up an egg or order scrambled eggs to consume more than one every day without realizing it.

What makes one egg a day contribute to doubling our risk for