Dev loves cats so I couldn't resist

Dev loves cats so I couldn't resist!

My wife has this theory that Dev is spoiled because for the last week he has been noting that he is bored and only kids who have lots of fun all of the time would notice the few moments when they are bored. I must admit that he has said spoiled kid nonsense like “We never do anything fun” and “What are we doing this weekend, running errands?” (and putting “errands” in air quotes). But in his defense I have been very busy with all the stuff I’m into – studying to get my parent coaching certification, and starting a new job with a great bunch of numbers crunching spreadsheet lovers of which I am proud to be one – so I am not as quick to call him spoiled. He is a voracious reader and dedicated Michael Jackson impersonator but that can only take up so much time before you have to hit the streets and get some air.

As a budding BBQ master, Dev has assisted me in smoking large amounts of meat since the weather has started to get better (I got a smoker and I will be writing on the joyous process of slow cooking as I too start to get better) though that’s just backyard stuff and not much of an adventure. We all did get a chance to hang out this past weekend at the New York Hall of Science and that’s always a good time despite the fact that I think Dev only likes to go there to eat their overpriced microwaved chicken strips, which to his chagrin we skipped this time.

I believe that a bored kid just needs to enjoy the challenge and take a few minutes to come up with something fun to do. Kids can be creative and Dev has demonstrated this time and again with his pipe cleaner warriors and his turning his bedroom into a lounge for socializing with family. Still, I think you have to do family stuff outdoors in the springtime and maybe a kid being bored on a nice day because he wants to be out and about is more in the parent’s realm since we have the car keys. Or maybe he’s just spoiled because he expects to be chauffeured around and entertained.