I initially posted my previous message about depression and PC treatment on a site I have been frequenting which brings together people from diverse backgrounds.  You might be interested to read the responses I got, which came from a broad spectrum of the PC community: patients and their partners, a surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, a number of patient advocates and (indirectly) a nurse and sex therapist who works with PC patients.


After carefully reviewing the feedback that my post generated, I came up with a list of suggestions on ways that doctors can improve the lives of their PC patients.  I’m going to share it with you, even though it’s impromptu and unedited. 

How to Improve Life for Prostate Cancer Patients and their Partners

* The primary treater, e.g., surgeon, should refer the patient for “penile rehab” with a *highly competent ED specialist* at 2 months after RP. MSK automatically schedules men for a follow-up with their resident “sexpert”, Dr. Mulhall, at six weeks. There is some evidence that penile rehab might actually have a prophylactic effect for long-term ED. More important perhaps, ED therapy, usually with injections, can allow a man to have an erection again and feel better about himself, and the couple to resume sexual relations. Giving the patient a script for Viagra that you just keep renewing can be very costly to the patient, since if it doesn’t work in the beginning it probably won’t work for many mo