For years, I’ve watched groups and individuals working to fight prostate cancer bite themselves in the butt.  It’s fascinating…

What leaves me speechless is the lack of compassion, understanding, and ultimate appreciation that these groups have for one another.  All around me I see greatness, groundbreaking leadership, unique individuals that lend something precious and irreplaceable to the cause… and 9 times out of 10 the best they can do for each other is criticize.

Hot topics of late:

1.  The blue ribbon – so what if not everybody likes it?  Some people do!  So don’t discourage them with words comparing the blue ribbon to the iron man (rather woman) of cancer causes – “breast cancer pink”… who the heck is that going to motivate?  Let them be grassroots… build it over time – just like our sister cause did… throwing a big BS wet blanket on it won’t help.

2.  Women in the movement – ok, yeah we’re important.  It’s way more manly to do it (screen) for your wife, daughter, mom… but all and all – we need to get these guys to man up for themselves… us chicks have enough on our shoulders;)  Know we love you, and do it!

3.  Who “won’t work with us” – who cares?  I only care who will… even if it is only on a fraction of our personal big picture.  We’re all not going to agree on every last point – so buck up and be friends on the points we agree on… all the rest will come out in the wash one way or another.