Making a decision about what treatment to get for prostate cancer can be one of the most difficult decisions that some men make. They should learn as much as they can about both the pros and cons of any treatment they are considering. They should talk to friends, family and other patients who have had the treatment. Fortunately there is a great wealth of information available to them to help them make their decision.

The Patient Decision Aids research group was established in November 1995 to help patients and their health practitioners make “tough” healthcare decisions. “Tough” healthcare decisions may have many options, uncertain outcomes or benefits and harms that people value differently. It is part of the Ottawa Health Decision Centre (OHDeC) at the Ottawa Health Research Institute (originally the Loeb Health Research Institute) affiliated with The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa.

The Ottawa Personal Decision Guide (OPDG) is designed for any health-related and/or social decision.

It can help people assess their decision making needs, plan the next steps, and track their progress in decision making.

It is an excellent tool that men can use to help them sort through these difficult decisions.

Support groups may want to print these pages out and have them available for men who have just been diagnosed.

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