Course Objectives:
Our goals in this course are to provide consumer advocates with the tools they need to:

  • Successfully navigate the world of medical information,
  • Critically appraise research studies,
  • Influence the creation of responsible public policy in healthcare, and
  • Help the people they serve to make healthcare choices based on the best available evidence.

Course Description:
In these six modules, we will illustrate key concepts with compelling real-world examples, covering the following topics and issues:

  • Module 1. INTRO: What is evidence-based healthcare and why is it important?
  • Module 2. ASK: The importance of research questions in evidence based healthcare.
  • Module 3. ALIGN: Research design, bias and levels of evidence.
  • Module 4. ACQUIRE: Searching for healthcare information. Assessing harms and benefits.
  • Module 5. APPRAISE: Behind the numbers: Understanding healthcare statistics. Science, speed and the search for best evidence.
  • Module 6: APPLY: Critical appraisal and making better decisions for evidence-based healthcare, Determining causality.

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