Several years ago we worked with members of Congress to promote a Congressional Men’s Health Caucus and we were successful. The Caucus has been active through the years on various health issues affecting men and boys.

The current leaders are Reps. Runyan and Shuler.

Now, we are ready for the next step, the Congressional Men’s Health Caucus, working with other concerned members, has created a Prostate Cancer Task Force within the Caucus that is co-chaired by Reps. Runyan and Baca.

Dear Colleague letters have gone out to other members of congress asking them to join the Caucus and the Task Force. A copy of one of those letters is below.

We see this as a possible vehicle for coordinated bi-partisan Congressional action in our fight against prostate cancer.

Please ask your Congressional contacts to join this effort. The more support the Caucus and the Task Force has from Congress the more of our goals become obtainable.

Join the Men’s Health Caucus and the Newly Created Prostate Cancer Task Force Today!

Dear Colleague:

The Congressional Men’s Health Caucus would like to announce its newly created Prostate Cancer Task Force. Co-chaired by Representative Runyan and Representative Baca, the Task Force will increase awareness of Prostate Cancer, which is the deadliest form of cancer for men over the age of 75. The Task Force will also provide information about the many issues affecting men who are suffering with Prostate Cancer. Additionally, the Task Force seeks to better highlight the three at-risk groups for Prostate Cancer: African Americans, Veterans exposed to Agent Orange, and individuals with a family history.