Who the heck gets a cold the first week of spring? My son, that’s who. He’s coughing, sneezing, and grouching all over the place. Earlier I pulled him out of the car, pulled something in my poor back, then he coughed in my mouth as I dragged his limp body up a flight of stairs. My mouth shouldn’t have been open in the first place, but I’m fat and out of shape, so I was breathing like I had just had a bicycle race with Lance Armstrong after a step or two. In my defense I should note that my boy is around 50 pounds…. OMG, I’m a girl.

Once upstairs we got him undressed, cleaned up, and ready for bed. We explained to him that a little Tylenol Cold would make him feel better. He took a dose and immediatley said in his most annoyed I-have-a-cold-you-idiots voice “I don’t feel any better.” It’s one of those moments when you kind of laugh despite feeling terrible because you can’t make it all better.

Colds suck all the time, but they suck even more when you’re almost four years old, it’s a beautiful spring day, and you’re stuck in the house feeling like poo on the bottom of a shoe.