My dear friend, Hugh Kearnley, an award-winning chef, sent me these recipes. Canned (wild) salmon is a good and a cheap way to get needed vitamin D and fish oils. Hughie, unfortunately, died last September, but he will live on through his tasty treats. I am leaving in some of Hughie’s commentary so you can get an idea how much fun this exuberant Scot was. (This actually sounds a bit orgiastic.)

Hughie’s words:

There’s so much more you CAN do with tinned Salmon.

Some days I’ll just wipe it clean, slice it wafer-thin and eat it raw, wrapped in lettuce with any old mix of dips I fancy. I quite like that with a tomato-chili salsa.

Other days: maybe I’ll cut it in matchsticks and steam it for just 1 minute,then mix through boiled rice with peas, mushrooms, bell peppers, etc. I don’t fry anything at all now. I quite like the slippery sensation of steamed salmon skin

[what alliteration!] on the tongue! Feels sorta – sexy?

OK – TINNED Salmon – I do buy the cheaper Wild Pink Salmon too. Perfect for slipping out of the can, drained and on a bed of mixed saladdy stuff and pour Garlic Mayo on top (I use an eggless Olive oil Mayo — not quite great but good enough. That with crusty bread.

Like somebody said, there are more available Omega-3’s in canned than in fresh, so don’t think that buying fresh is always best. As long as the can says “