Why You MUST Go to An Expert to Have Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

I must say I found the following article in USA Today ( 4/1/09, by Liz Szabo) , bonechilling.  A British study confirms what I've said many times: that when it comes to performing minimally-invasive radical prostatectomy or laparoscopy (which includes robotically assisted surgery, *although that was not the subject of this study*),  NO amount of experience on the [...]

Straight Talk for the Newly Diagnosed

Have much catching up to do with you all.  I received the following from Johns Hopkins health alerts (you can subscribe for free @johnshopkinshealthalerts.com).  This is critical reading for the newbies and "validation" for the oldies.  You can trust Hopkins:  According to usnews.com, which ranks hospitals, JH is the best hospital in the country overall (have to [...]