I have heard back that a number of people have contacted the call center at Dendreon (877-336-3736) and been told to call back at a later date for specific information about getting treatment. I have spoken with Dendreon and they have explained that they are working with the various infusion centers on mapping out specific schedules to accommodate men wanting Provenge. Over the course of the next few weeks, through the call center, they will begin to release the information about which infusion centers to contact.

So, if you meet the approved label requirements:

1- Have metastatic disease.
2- Be castrate resistant (failed ADT).
3- Be asymptomatic (not have any or minimal symptoms).

And want to be among the 2,000 men this year who will get Provenge you should be aggressive in contacting the call center. At a minimum, I recommend that you contact the call center every day, if not more often.

If you are willing, you should tell the call center that you are willing to travel to another location. This will expand the number of possible sites available to you and increase the chance of winning the lottery, getting Provenge.

Happy Provenging!!!!

Joel T Nowak, MA, MSW