I didn’t know I had cabin fever until today. I woke up early, showered, dressed and drove to my barbershop in Brooklyn, some 45 minutes away. My barbershop is like a doctor’s office in the the sense that if you aren’t the first one there, you have to wait a loooong time to be seen. I was third, which was fine today because it gave me the chance to debate with some of the patrons about Al Sharpton, Don Imus, and the idea of being Black in America (yes black barbershops in the ‘hood are just like the ones on TV).  But I digress…

On the ride home I took the scenic route, opened the sunroof, and blasted John Legend.  It’s 74 degrees and sunny in NYC today and I’m ready to get out and do something! 

But I don’t know what to do.  I’m always up for a family trip to the zoo.  The Baisley Pond Park is also a good one.  Then there’s the Queens County Farm Museum.  So many choices to choose from!  Maybe I’ll ask the Devil what he wants to do.  The only problem with that is he can potentially say something like “I want to go to McDonalds,” which is a suggestion that I’ll be forced to ignore.  As a result he’ll be pissed, and when we go out he’ll be fixated on getting chicken nuggets.   He’ll be relentless.  OK, so I won’t ask him. 

What are the rest of you doing to enjoy the beauty of Spring?