Hi Folks,

Prostate surgery, especially, robotic, is fast becoming the one-size-fits-all treatment recommendation for newly diagnosed patients.

I suggest you don’t rush into surgery or anything else.

The first thing to do is assemble a brain trust, i.e., put together a list of the the best doctors in the world that you have access to. Then see as many of them as you can and have them evaluate your condition thoroughly. And then give their opinions.

You have to map out a strategy before you rush into battle! Keep in mind, *you* are the commander-in-chief of this war.

You should read my article here, “Straignt Talk for the Newly Diagnosed.” It is Johns Hopkins’ advice to patients on how to go about seeking treatment. It’s right on point, even though you may not want to hear it.

Shopping for a PC doctor is an arduous process. You need to get opinions from top doctors in a number of specialties in order to get a balanced picture. They’ll probably contradict each other. Then you’ll have to sort it all out somehow.

The best resource I’ve found is Castle Connolly’s book, “America’s Top Doctors for Cancer.” It should be available in your local library. Also read the article here called, “How to Find a Good Doctor” (*and equally important, hospital*).

Finally, I just discovered a great site called


They list top specialists in various diseases, including PC, by best “city, institution and persons” (doctors). And they cover the whole of *planet earth.* Expertmappers’ recommendations are based solely on professionally published works, so they may be limited. But what I saw looked really good (and great for browsing.) Might give you some ideas for “prosta-tourism.”

And by the way, if you have anxiety, as you probably do if you’re here, head for Pittsburgh.