Start A Cure Update -What Went Wrong: Eliminating Mistakes in Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Malecare’s Start A Cure web site has begun to function in earnest. We at Malecare have become concerned about the increasing loss of funding for prostate cancer research, so we have started a “crowd funding” project to let individuals become investors in finding the cure to prostate cancer. We have 21 research projects to pick from all from reputable researchers.

Today, I want to feature our current leader in pledges, a research project that is designed to understand the reasons why a group of men with advanced prostate cancer only first sought out treatment long after they might have been able to be cured.

The researchers plan on studying a cohort of men who no longer are alive because they failed to seek treatment until the cancer had progressed to far to be cured. They are going to seek to identify what modifiable factors contributed to the failure to obtain timely treatment.

They are going to concentrate on black men who were disproportionately represented n the cohort.

Currently, the projected has received pledges of $1245.00 which is 15.5% of their funding goal.

I urge that you go to and read all the studies. Then take out your credit card and make a pledge to this study or to any other that appeals to you.

What do you get if you make a pledge?
1- You become a prostate cancer research investor
2- You get to help develop