Several bloggers, myself included, have been accused of overreacting to the KFC commercial (featuring a fatherless black family) that we discussed a few posts ago. I don’t think that expressing concern about potentially negative images in the media is overreacting, especially since white folk, black folk, single folk, and of course all kinds of parents have chimed in wondering what the fried chicken folk were trying to get at. Plez and Chelle have called for boycotts in the comments they left, but both for different valid reasons. Clearly at the very least some of us do not want our social commentary to come from commercials.

The question is: What do we expect from the media? I personally don’t mind commercials that tell me about a product that I may have interest in using. What I don’t need is the extras. The only time I feel like I’m on the beach drinking a beer is when I’m on the beach drinking a beer. Don’t tell me I’ll get the same feeling when I’m plopped in front of the TV in the dead of winter in NYC. If the car is safe, tell me it’s safe. I don’t need to know that I’ll be the envy of other families because of it’s stylish new design – that simply isn’t an issue when you’re buying a minivan, or a Hyundai. And stop telling me it’s the best whatever ever, because the competition is saying the same thing and they all are annoying me and coming off as liars.

I also don’t need arguably negative black images in prime time or in commercials. Let’s be real, don’t we get enough negativity from the morning news, the 12:00 news, the 5:00 news, the 6:00 news, the 10:00 news, the 11:00 news and COPS? Do I really need it broadcast almost 24-7 on BET, sporadically on every other channel, and now in fried chicken ads? While I’m at it is it really any of my business that Lindsey Lohan had sex in rehab, or that J-Lo had trouble starting her family? (I just wanted to throw that in to make sure we cover all the bases.)

Also, can a dad buy his kid a juice at a newsstand without being bombarded by women, often black and Hispanic, bending over or squatting on the cover of random magazines? At what point did ass magazines become the central display of Manhattan newsstands?

Don Imus is coming back to radio on December 1st. Now what? Al Sharpton has asked for everyone and their mama to apologize for everything they’ve ever done. What’s his point? It doesn’t matter what his point is, the media loves him and his inane soapbox. What drives me crazy is that some reputable media outlets shy away from the big issues and opt to leave important topics to be dissected by imbeciles with TV and radio contracts (think Bill O’Reilly). If it weren’t for House and Everybody Hates Chris(with the best father I’ve seen on television in ages) I’d probably call for a TV boycott.

At the end of the day I don’t know exactly what I want from the monolith known as “the media.” I made that apparent from this scattered post. I guess we’ll have to tackle this topic on a case by case basis.