Some weeks ago I posted a “Top 10 Reasons to Get Prostate Cancer” list.    I’ve found that I will have to “stretch it” a bit to accommodate some new entries.

It occurred to me that having prostate cancer might just give a guy the opportunity to get that tattoo he’s always wanted!  Dear husband has some artwork on his back as a result of his prep for radiation treatment.  (Unfortunately, it’s quite boring.)  And a recently diagnosed man wrote me this:

“BTW, It’s quite curious to see how people react to this disease. I had no idea. I had one dear friend refer to PC as “Cancer Lite,” because it’s “so curable.”

“Cancer Lite”.  I guess it’s the next-best thing to “Cancer Free”.

I am reposting the original “Top 10” list in case anybody missed it.  If you have any additions, please let me know. 

“Top 10 Reasons To Get Prostate Cancer”

 10.  All of my buddies have it — and they’re doing fine.

   9.  Nobody dies of this.

   8.  You die with this, not of it.

   7.  If you’re going to get cancer, this is the one to get.

   6.  At this age, you’re going to die of something — why not this?

   5.  The robot will fix everything.

   4.  Where else would you meet such great people?

   3.  It’s the next-best-thing to getting cancer of the toenail.

   2.  You put some seeds in — and that takes care of it.  (Set it and forget it.)

   1.  It’s as easy to treat as the common cold