My post of July 9, 2009, “Will Provenge or Any Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer Survive Health Reform?” has caused my mailbox to become full of a number of emails both damming my concern about health care reform and supporting the concern. The negative responses have ranged from calling me selfish to being a tool of the private insurance companies while the positive comments lauded my comments as being “right on.”

One of the most interesting suggestions was that I view a video of an interview conducted by Bill Moyers about health care reform. His interviewee was a former high ranking executive from the Etna Insurance Company, a major player in the American health care insurance industry. I do believe that the video is well worth viewing and I recommend that anyone interested in this topic take the time to go to this link and view it.

The presentation is very convincing and certainly makes me think again about health care reform, but it does not remove the fear I have and mentioned about the future of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW