African Americans raise awareness

//African Americans raise awareness

Members of the Winston-Salem Urban League and the local branch of the Nation of Islam held a local version of the Prostate Cancer Walk for Life, an annual walk designed to raise awareness of the need for prostate-cancer treatment……The two groups held the walk, the first in the city, to coincide with yesterday’s Louis Farrakhan Prostate Cancer Foundation Walk-a-Thon in Atlanta.

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  1. Lee Moultrie October 15, 2007 at 6:47 am

    This was a golden step in the right direction for the coming together of two great organizations. I will use this as a model for the two organizations within my cities and have the 100 Black Men of Charleston become apart of it with other organizations to bring attention to the health concerns within the African American community as a whole.

    There was a study published in June 2007 titled” It’s never to late too get healthy” and it spoke of the value of making some basic adjustments within our lives to turn back the clock.

    You can google the title above and you will be able to receive a copy of the article by Dr. Dana King of the Medical University of South Carolina and some of the basic componenets of the article suggest that one change;
    1 – Eating 5 – 9 fruites and vegetables per day
    2 – Not smoking
    3 – maintain a healthy weight
    4 – exercise about 30 minutes per day / 5 days a week
    5 – Check with your physican before making any of these suggestions.

    Have a fun, safe and successful journey….

    I’m on my way…

    Peace and Blessings,

    Lee Moultrie of
    North Charleston, South Carolina

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