Here’s a research subject request, that pays you for simply talking with them. Just as an FYI. Malecare is not receiving any compensation or grant money from the researchers or from the pharmaceutical company….we just think it’s a reasonable request for information about men with advanced prostate cancer. Feel encouraged to email any questions or comments to me, directly at

The research company Oxford Outcomes is actively recruiting metastatic prostate cancer participants now for a study evaluating patient experience of prostate cancer and its treatment. The study does NOT involve any invasive procedures or administration of any medications. Oxford Outcomes is only interested in patient opinions. This study is sponsored by Millennium Pharmaceuticals. We want to know what has life been like since the diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer? What symptoms are most bothersome? Which side effects do you experience from treatments and in what ways do they impact your life?

The research team at Oxford Outcomes will screen interested participants and brief them on confidentiality and then schedule eligible participants for a 1-hr phone interview, for which they will be compensated. All information provided by patients will remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than the study researchers from Oxford Outcomes.
If you are interested in participating: If you would like additional information for this study or would like to contact Oxford Outcomes about this study, please call 1-866-893-0282. You can also email our research associate Shadi at .