Advanced Prostate Cancer Program

You have survived hearing your diagnosis, and your initial treatment and now you find yourself with a recurrence of prostate cancer.  Or, you are newly diagnosed with an advanced stage of prostate cancer.  Malecare’s Advanced Prostate Cancer Program will arm you with the information and guidance that you now need to live longer. Consider this your Advanced Prostate Cancer Kit. There are five steps.

First, read the Malecare Recurrent Prostate Cancer Book. After two hours or less of reading time, you will learn all that you need to know to have good conversations and ask the right questions of your doctor. Because we are frequently updating this short book, you’ll feel confident in knowing the latest and best treatments and where to get them. We’ll email you updates as soon as we write them. Fill out this form and get your free copy, now .  We’ll be providing a book to help men diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer, in the next few weeks.  Email if you have a pressing need for information.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Book

Malecare's Advanced Prostate Cancer Book will be updated frequently! Please fill out this form and we will email you the latest version, and keep you updated as new versions are written.

Also, become an avid reader of our Advanced Prostate Cancer blog and read many of the articles linked in the right column.

Second, listen to our teleconferences with leading prostate cancer doctors and researchers.  One appears below.

Third, read through the new  Prostate Cancer Forum. Post your questions and learn from your new brothers. Ask questions about sex, treatments, diet and side effects from our volunteer doctors at  Prostate Cancer Advice – Ask the Doctor


Fourth, participate in our on-line support group for men with advanced prostate cancer and their care givers.  Currently, we have over 660 participants from many different countries.  To join this group just go to:

Fifth, turn off your computer and find ways to enjoy your life.  We will be here for you when you need us.



Black Men and Advanced Prostate Cancer

African-American men may have the highest rate of prostate cancer incidence in the world. In addition, their prostate cancer mortality rate is twice as high as the rate for white Americans. Which is to say, that twice as many Black men are diagnosed with Advanced or Recurrent Prostate Cancer than White men.

The causes of higher rates of prostate cancer among African-American males are largely unknown. An NCI study found that even when income and education are controlled for, African-Americans have much higher rates than whites.