High serum levels of total and HDL cholesterol are associated with an elevated risk of advanced prostate cancer.

Every 10mg/dl increase in serum total cholesterol adds a 5% increase to your odds of being diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer. Every 10mg/dl increase in HDL cholesterol increases your odds of having advanced stage prostate cancer by 14%. Neither total nor LDL cholesterol is connected with any other stage of prostate cancer, as reported by a research team from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles

So, does this mean that statins decrease the odds of advanced stage prostate cancer? We are not sure. But, these findings rhyme with much of the discussion in Malecare prostate cancer support groups regarding how men with lower cholesterol have better prostate cancer outcomes than do men with high cholesterol.

The primary investigator, Dr. Freedland, noted the quandary regarding how HDL, with its anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, and antioxidant properties is linked to advanced stage prostate cancer.

Malecare agrees with Dr. Freedland that this data suggests that appropriate cholesterol maintenance should be part of every prostate cancer treatment plan.