In the treatment of prostate cancer the first very expensive drug we had that was FDA approved was Provenge, with an initial cost of $93,000 for a one-month’s treatment protocol. Today, the cost is in excess of $106,000. According to the phase III clinical trial result Provenge extends life by a median of 4.1 months, or under current costs each additional month comes with a price tag of approximately $26,000!

Now, with Zytiga costing over $8,500 per month with a median life extension of 4.4 months, Jevtana costing $11,000 per month with a median 2 month life extension (TROPIC), Xtandi costing $9,400 per month with a 4.8 month survival benefit (AFFIRM), and Xofigo costing $69,000 over 6 months ($11,500 per month) we do have to scratch our heads and wonder about the value of these life extensions.

I have always believed that life is precious, actually priceless. However, given the strain of these costs on society, which includes the strain on our spouses, partners,