Yesterday, the United States Senate debated the Defense Spending Bill. As expected Senator McCain’s amendment came up for debate.

I have attached a link to the Congressional Record, which includes both Senator McCain’s remarks against continuing support for the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs as well as Senator Durbin’s response.   If you are interested in reading these two remarks go to the Record at:

Go to page 69, third column to view Senator McCain’s remarks on his amendment.  Page a little further down to p. 71 -72 to view Senator Durbin’s rebuttal:

Of particular note was the fact that Senator McCain has acknowledged the great ground swell of support for the funding. He said:

“I am aware of the outcry that has
taken place at these various organizations
which are dedicated to improving
the health of Americans, and so therefore
of course I am not subjecting it to
a vote”

Thanks to everyone, but we are not yet finished.