Malecare presents to you a chance to make $125 for yourselves
and $100 for Malecare. We usually do not participate
in these market research headhunts, but, this one seems ok,
brief in time and, it actually will help Malecare. We
are currently trying to raise money to improve our website, .

Schlesinger Associates, a market research firm located in
NYC, is looking for men aged 60-75 years old who have been
diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and have used hormonal
therapy within the past six months,
to participate in a one-hour interview at our Midtown
Manhattan offices on Thursday, July 30, 2009.
There are no sales involved, this is strictly for opinion research. All
information will be held strictly
confidential. If you qualify, you will be paid $125 for your time and opinions.
Malecare will receive $100.

If you’re interested, please call Michelle @ 800-981-3923
ext. 234

Please be sure to mention that you were referred by