As you already know, I am very interested and a strong believer in the future of immunologic therapy. I have written extensively about Provenge and last week I told you about a phase I clinical trial of a Vaccine Therapy for men with progressive stage D0 (non-metastatic) prostate cancer. (

I want to now let you know about another investigational vaccine therapy phase I trial that will include men with advanced prostate cancer who have failed at least one course of hormonal therapy. In this particular trial it does not matter whether or not a man has metastatic disease.

The trial, as with all phase I trials, will have a very limited enrollment. The only approved sites for the trial are in Durham, North Carolina and Dallas, Texas.

To Qualify To Participate:

* A man must have testosterone levels <50 ng/dl. * A man must have 2 PSA levels that are at least 3 weeks apart that are higher than a recorded baseline or they may have demonstrated disease progression.The trial protocol calls for each participant to receive three subcutaneous injections of a multi-component vaccine known as DPX-0907 over a period of 7 weeks (one injection every 3 weeks).According to the developer’s web site, “DPX-0907 combines seven essential peptide antigens with Immunovaccine’s potent DepoVax™ delivery platform. The vaccine is designed to stimulate an immune response specific to cancer antigens which are critical to tumor cell processes and kill tumor cells without injury to normal, healthy cells.” Additional background information about DPX-0907 can be found at details about the trial are available at the government sponsored clinical trials web site.As with all clinical trials it is vital that you completely understand the trial and its risks. Make sure you discuss these items with you doctors before making a decision to participate.Joel T Nowak, MA, MSW