I know that wishes are for Christmas and resolutions are for the New Year, but I’m in a wishing mood. Of course I wish for world peace and stability. I think we all wish for that in our own way. However I also have a more plausible desire: I wish my two older brothers would get their first colonoscopies out of the way. They are both young, not more than a few years older than me, but they haven’t yet gone through the potentially life saving procedure that I endured almost two years ago. (I’ll start harassing my little brother about this in about five years).

Cancer is a monster of a disease. It’s scary, unrelenting, and unpredictable. Indeed some cancer stories end with the triumph of life, at the same time too many others do not. It’s not to be taken lightly, especially if there is a family history. My father was diagnosed in his mid thirties and thankfully he kicked it’s ass. This is the case only because his doctor knew the early signs and my father reported the symptoms clearly and without embarrassment. Because of my father’s young diagnosis my brothers and I have to be checked even younger and more frequently in the name of prevention. I’m sure my HMO hates it.

The reality is that playing offense against cancer is a considerably better option than playing defense. My doctor wants me to get my second colonoscopy next year, yet my OLDER brothers haven’t gone through the joys of a first one. Knowing your family history of disease is one thing, not doing a darn thing about it is insane. So my 2008 wish is for my brothers to get it done. And in an effort to not be a hypocrite I’ll start working on improving my eating habits, so I can help prevent diabetes.

And I want a Nintendo Wii.