Today I was lucky enough to take my son to his first full day at his new preschool. Of course that depends on how you look at. My wife took him for his first transitional day last week Friday. Either way I think my contribution was notable. Anyway, as part of his new routine he now wears a handsome uniform to school with a swagger-inducing yellow kente cloth tie. What’s more, today he was able to show his stuff and got a chance to read a book to his new classmates. He had a great day and we are counting on many more.?

You may be wondering what happened to his old preschool. You may be wondering why he left a mere six months before kindergarten starts. Without getting into the details of it all I’ll assure you that it was time for a change. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Sometimes it’s for the better. I can think of many more cliches that fit the situation, though I’ll leave you with only the two.

We have high hopes for this new institution. So far my wife and I adore the new teachers and staff, and the honesty of the administrators. We knew immediately that we wanted to work with them as they work with Dev. It was pure gut instinct that drove the decision (and the fact that the school has 30 years experience in Early Childhood Education). Plus, it’s ten minutes from our house, instead of the 60 minute troop that we took for almost four years to the other school.

One more cliche: Change is good!

I love that kid more than anything.? Even despite that fact that he told his mother today, knowing I was listening, that he wishes Optimus Prime were real so that he could be his daddy. How could you be mad at that.? Heck, that guy would be the coolest dad in the neighborhood, hands down. But I’m not sure I’ll be buying him any more transformers in the near future.