Please take a few minutes to help elevate OUR prostate cancer
nonprofit, Malecare. Though Malecare is known as our country’s leading gay men’s cancer support group nonprofit, we are committed to helping ALL men with prostate cancer.
Today, please take a minute to help Malecare achieve the recognition that ALL of our volunteers and participants desearve.
Please go to

, click on the “review” button on the left hand side of the page, and please fill out your “review” of our work in helping guys via the advanced prostate cancer online support group, and our in-person support groups (if you attend) and our websites,, and our book and articles, etc.

Please don’t feel you need to write long, time consuming reviews. But, your positive “vote” will be helpful in alerting our community that there are LOTS of guys like us out here, and we are helping each other fight cancer and live our lives.