On March 4th I wrote a post which included a suggestion that combining Provenge and the clinical trial of Prostvac-VF might provide an interesting one-two punch against advanced prostate cancer.  In the post I suggested that it could be interesting to have Provenge and then move immediately on to Prostvac.

This was an error, I reversed the suggested order and instead should have recommended that first you enter the Prostvac trial and then upon its completion take Provenge.

Why these important changes in the sequencing order?  Simple, to qualify for the Prostvac trial you must be Provenge naïve (never had Provenge). Taking Provenge first will disqualify you from entering the Prostvac trial.

Bottom line, talk with your doctor about trying this one two attack on your cancer, but make sure you start with the clinical trial with Prostvac then moving immediately to Provenge.  Learn more about the Prostvac trial at: www.clinicaltrials.gov and search for Prostvac.

Remember, Prostvac is an investigation treatment in clinical trial.

Joel T. Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.