There are three more day’s to put your name forward and sign up
to show your support for men with advanced prostate cancer.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration is a United States Government agency, it’s decisions affect prostate cancer treatment throughout the world. Dr George Cooper has written an excellent letter of understanding which can be read at: (

I encourage everyone to read this letter.

If you feel passionate about wanting to say something, directly to FDA Chairperson Dr von
Eschenburg or if you disagree with the premise of our effort, please write an email of any length and we will include/hightlight it in our presentation.

Those of us who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and those who love and care
about us must have passion about this issue? Please take time, right now, to let
your voice be heard. The sign-on letter is at
www.malecare or you can send an email
directly to me at

Now is the time. We have momentum. We have a upcoming gathering in DC.

We have over three thousand sign-on’s and over two hundred emails…..please
add your voice, now.