I go into the business world without a suit, but I always wear my blue pin.

I go to family functions wearing my blue pin and I go to baseball games wearing my blue pin.

I don’t go anywhere without wearing my blue pin.

Why do I choose to always wear my blue pin? That is the right question and that is also the answer. I hope that people will stop and ask me why I wear the pin?

When they do, I have an opportunity to start a dialogue about prostate cancer. Both men and women need to be educated about prostate cancer, about being screened and about the lack of treatments that are available for men with advanced prostate cancer. If we do not educate, we will never see enough resources being earmarked for research into curing prostate cancer and for the care of those of us who cannot afford treatment.

Therefore, every morning, I proudly put my blue pin on my shirt.

Joel T. Nowak Ma, MSW

You can purchase blue pins, blue bracelets and decals at: Blue Pin or by contacting Rick Ward at: info@pcaawareness.net Rick, who is a prostate cancer survivor, lovingly provides his products at cost as a service to prostate cancer survivors and their families. Thank you Rick.