It is easy to dream and hope that researchers will find a cure for cancer but getting there is not an easy task. We have all seen changes and improvements or the past few years but it is possible that forward movement will be significantly slowed or that promising research proposals will not be funded. This year’s budget discussion has been very difficult and some legislators have said that they are hearing from other groups more than cancer so they feel the obligation to respond in those areas rather than cancer research.  You are the only ones who can change that. People who are regularly on the hill can only go so far without grassroots support. Now is the time to email, call or fax your legislators and let them know that continuing research on cancer is important to you.  You already contacted them? Did you get a firm commitment to a specific amount that they supported?  If not they may need a reminder.

Below is wording that may help you with your message. This is the wording that is being used by a coalition of cancer and healthcare organizations in a letter going to Rep Obey so if you use these words then they will be getting a consistent message. I have reworded it to make it appropriate for all house legislators:

The 27 institutes and centers that comprise the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are the foundation of the nations medical research efforts and have led the way in acquiring new knowledge to prevent, detect, diagnose and treat disease for over a century.

Toward that end, we respectfully request that you ask leadership to ask the committee to mark up a bill in full committee with