Yesterday’s post described a program that allowed cancer patients and their family member in need of treatment to hitch a ride on a corporate jet without any charge. Besides this great program, there are a number of organizations throughout the U.S., which have been organized by private pilots who are willing to help their neighbors.

These pilots offer their time and their personal aircraft to people who need to fly to obtain treatment or have a consult in a different city. Most of these organizations will not fly you if insurance or other funds will provide commercial transport via air ambulance, charter or airline. They will fly you only when financial need or special circumstances mean a compelling human need would go unfulfilled.

There is one organization, the Air Care Alliance, that coordinates all of the individual volunteer groups to make it easier to arrange the flight you need. You can contact them by telephone at 888-260-9707 or send them an e-mail at:

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW