Malecare’s Statement On Racism, Prostate Cancer, and Black Lives Matter.

Malecare states unequivocally that racism in any form is unacceptable, and that black lives matter. Racism is a burning national public health crisis.

Racism impairs affordable and timely access to healthcare and harms health outcomes. Prostate cancer kills Black men at over two times the rate as White men in America. We believe that racism plays a toxic role in prostate cancer and many other healthcare disparities.   

Malecare is a cancer patient advocacy organization focused on men from underserved communities. Malecare reaffirms our commitment to end healthcare-related racism by building effective projects together with our current partners and new allies. 

Actions and Advocacy:

  • Our Twice As Many program is expanding, and we see many more people reading “Prostate Cancer While Black.” 
  • We are accelerating our new patient navigation, clinical trial accrual, and co-pay assistance program, Cancer Copilot.  
  • Healthcare research must collect and analyze racial disparity data.
  • Clinical trials must include inputs, subjects, and data acquisition from diverse communities at all stages.

Malecare’s services include voices from all of the communities we represent, and we encourage our counterparts worldwide to do the same. We will continue to be fearless and forthright in identifying and speaking out against racism in healthcare, no matter where it occurs. We hope our actions will help all men and their loved ones live longer and happier lives.