My story is a story that many men in the Afro-American faces, yet it a story that is untold. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in July 2014. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May 2014.

I went to visit my Dad. He was treated with seed implants in June 2014. I was shocked and a little scared for him but was supportive and returned back in June to support him. Like most Afro American men there was no real talk about the procedure or side effects.

I was leaving to return home my dad told me to get checked. Me being 51 at the time and having no symptoms I said ok, but in the back of mind I’m saying I’m not at risk. But me being a good son, I got checked and to my shock my PSA was very high.  A biopsy was scheduled and to my shock I had prostate cancer.

Like most men of color I didn’t tell anyone for a few days nor did I tell my family that I was undergoing these tests. I made all the treatment options on my own. I decided to have surgery in October 2014. My family and friends were supportive but they really didn’t want to hear about any side effects I was having or the need to get tested. It is my desire now to tell my story because there is hope, there is no need to fear.