Dealing with Influenza While Fighting Advanced Prostate Cancer

Fall is quickly approaching, along with the colors it also brings the influenza. For most people influenza is a bother, but for cancer survivors it brings many unique concerns not shared with the general population. It brings serious illness, hospitalizations and possibly death! During an influenza epidemic, between 21% and 33% of cancer survivors who [...]

On The Horizon – PROSTVAC™, The Next Break Out-Prostate Cancer Vaccine To Watch

Bavarian Nordic (B/N) is in the process of testing what might be the next prostate cancer vaccine to become available. They have successfully completed a phase II trial of 125 men with metastatic prostate cancer. The good news, the survival advantage experienced by the trial’s subjects had a statistically significantly longer median overall survival of [...]

Advanced Prostate Cancer Vaccine Being Developed in Cuba

For those of us who believed that we are alone in the search for a prostate cancer vaccine for advanced prostate cancer, the good news is that we are not. The Vladimir Ilich Lenin hospital, located in Cuba, has announced that they will shortly begin the second phase of the clinical trial of a vaccine [...]

GVAX, A Potential Immunotherapy May Be On The Horizon

I want to apologize because I have not posted anything in the last few days. I thank the few people who sent an e-mail expressing concern. On Friday evening I flew to San Diego with my wife to participate in the American Association of Cancer Researchers (AACR) Scientist-Survivor program. It is a really fantastic program [...]