CAM Supplements – Do They Work for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer?

Many of us use supplements as either complementary or alternative medicines (CAMS) to treat our prostate cancer as well as advanced prostate cancer. If we interview a selection of men and ask what supplements they take there are a number of items we take that are fairly universal among us. They include pomegranate extract, green [...]

Perhaps Vitamin D & Calcium is Not Good for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer!

Science and good medicine is not always what it seems. We all believe that if something is logical it must be true, but often the most logical assumptions we make do not stand up to good scientific inquiry. Many of us choke on the fact that Provenge extends life while it has no effect on [...]

From the 2012 AACR Meeting – Pomegranate components modulate distinct pathways in prostate cancer cells

Pomegranate juice has long been in the folklore of prostate cancer survivors. Many of us use it with the goal of controlling our PSA. Most of the research evaluating the ability of pomegranate juice to control PSA has been funded by the juice manufacturers and must be looked at with skepticism. Dr. Radha Munagala and [...]

From The AACR 2012 Meeting – Does Lycopene Effect Prostate Cancer?

From The AACR 2012 Meeting - Does Lycopene Effect Prostate Cancer? Yesterday’s post was about the themes I saw in cancer research. Starting today I will be reporting specific research items I saw at the meeting that specifically are important to men with prostate cancer. Dr. Peter Gann of the University of Illinois at Chicago [...]

Pomegranate Effects PSADT in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer diets and the use of supplements have continued to be an issue faced by men fighting advanced prostate cancer. Different products seem to fall in and out of vogue; unfortunately we usually have little actual hard data on the real value of any of these products. The use of pomegranate with the goal [...]

Caution – The Supplements You Take May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Many of us take all sorts of dietary supplements with the goal of slowing down and controlling our prostate cancer’s progression. Rarely do we think about the fact that there is no governmental or nongovernmental agency charged with the task of evaluating either the safety or efficacy of the supplements we consume. Within months after [...]

Apatone- Vitamin C & Vitamin K3) Effects PSAV And PSADT

We are constantly being bombarded with information about nutrition and supplements. Sometimes an item will foster prostate cancer and sometimes we hear that the very same item will help prevent prostate cancer. Then there are those items that will initially prevent pc, but also encourage metastatic spread of an existing tumor. It is confusing and [...]