Stress and Survival in Prostate Cancer – Looking at a Trial Using Muscle Relaxation and Guided Imagery in Anxiety Reducing Interventions in Prostate and Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

FROM this blog on September 9, 2015 ( According to Michael Jan, MD, and his collaborators at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden those of us who are experiencing high levels of stress need to be cautious. Their findings boil down to the fact that our stress could allow our prostate cancer to kill us. [...]

Prostate Cancer Death Risk Linked to Higher Levels of Stress

Are you stressed? If you are and you have been treated for clinically localized prostate cancer you are at a 66% increased risk of dying from your prostate cancer! Research has shown that high stress levels are associated with an increased rate of prostate cancer (PCa) specific mortality among men treated for clinically localized prostate [...]

Recognizing Stress – The Signs To Be Aware About

Recognizing Stress Life without prostate cancer can be very stressful….but life with prostate cancer is guaranteed to be stressful. From the moment you are diagnosed your life changes, including your stress level. Our stress level results from an accumulation of various stress factors such as heavy workload, poor communications, multiple frustrations, coping with situations in [...]

Cancer Survivors and Stress

I have often hypothesized that stress can escalate the rate of prostate cancer progression, leading to earlier deaths. I work actively to find ways to eliminate stress from my immediate environment and from my life. I have told the story many times about two men who were members of my weekly Malecare prostate cancer support [...]

Dealing With Stress

Having prostate cancer, especially recurrent or advanced prostate cancer, is always stressful for both the survivor and their caregivers. There are easily learned coping techniques to help us calm our mind and sharpen our ability to focus. Learning and using relaxation techniques and other mind/body techniques provides us with an exceptional way to reduce stress [...]

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