REVIEW – Statins Boost Abiraterone (Zytiga) Activity in Prostate Cancer

Another piece of information from the recent ASCO GU conference in San Francisco Researchers have found that adding statin drugs may prolong the sensitivity of abiraterone acetate (Zytiga) in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) To assess the effect of statins on abiraterone therapy, Dr Harshman, of the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology at Dana-Farber [...]

Statins Are Not Necessarily The Best Alternative To Control Cholesterol & Prostate Cancer Progression

On April 8th I post on this blog an article called The Cholesterol In Your Diet Might Be Causing Your Prostate Cancer To Spread ( Since I published this I have received some feedback, which has included people asking if they should take statins to control their cholesterol levels. Statin drugs do help control cholesterol [...]

Statins Might Inhibit Prostate Cancer from Invading Bones

One of the more recent conversations surrounding prostate cancer treatment that we have been hearing involves the use of the anti-cholesterol drugs or statins.   The conversation, whether or not statins might be a good treatment option for men with both localized disease and as an alternative to hormone treatment (ADT) for men with advanced prostate [...]

Statin Use And Better Prostate Cancer Outcomes

Not approved, not even tested with an appropriate clinical trial, but research has again shown that the use of statins in men with prostate cancer may have a lower risk of dying from the cancer than those who do not. In a study of 1,001 prostate cancer patients who were diagnosed between 2002 and 2005, [...]

CapSure Showed the Association of Statin and Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug use with Prostate Cancer All Cause Survival

In the prostate cancer world we often discuss treatment options, some approved by the FDA and some not approved. Among the treatment options bantered about are statins (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase inhibitor) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). According to the folklore both these drugs are associated with reducing the risk of prostate cancer and improved [...]

Statins & Prostate Cancer – Use Caution

There have been a number of recent studies that show that statins, (cholesterol lowering medications like Lipitor) can also lower PSA and even stop the progression of localized prostate cancer from progressing. I have not been able to locate any good study that does indicate that statin medications actually stop disease progression, however I am [...]

Is there A Role for Statins in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer?

I have returned from Michigan and again have the computer access and the time to continue sharing items relevant to our struggle. Investigators at the Duke University Prostate Center have indicated that cholesterol-lowering drugs, statins, may reduce inflammation in prostate tumors, which might hinder prostate cancer growth. "Previous studies have shown that men taking statins [...]