Sodium Clodronate Improves Survival In Patients With Advanced Prostate Cancer But Not With Localized Disease

An article published Online First and in an upcoming edition of The Lancet Oncology reports that an oral bisphosphonate, sodium clodronate, improves overall survival in men with advanced prostate cancer. However, it does not reduce the risk of death in men with localized disease. These are the final results of the MRC PR05 and MRC [...]

Extending Survival of Prostate Cancer Survivors by Using Sodium Clodronate

In a small trial using oral sodium clodronate, a bisphosphonate like Zometa and Fosamax, it was shown to extended prostate cancer survival by 23 percent (23%). The survival benefit was seen only when the drug was used in combination with hormone therapy in men with metastatic disease. Many doctors have believed that bisphosphonates could have [...]