Be Cautious Taking Megace To Treat Hormone Therapy Hot Flashes

When taking hormone therapy (ADT) each of us experiences different side effects and each of us experiences them differently.  Anyone experiencing hot flashes, probably the most commonly reported side effect of ADT during hormone therapy (ADT) knows how difficult, embarrassing and uncomfortable they can become as you go through your life. Some men, who find [...]

Intermittent ADT, Does It Increase A Man’s Risk Factors For Serious Side Effects?

Once again we see what seems to be logical isn’t necessarily the way it actually works!  In a surprising study result, it was shown that the use of intermittent androgen-deprivation therapy (IADT) for prostate cancer is not associated with fewer long-term adverse events than continuous ADT!  Who would have guessed? We all thought that intermittent [...]

Questions to Ask Your Doctor When Deciding on New Treatment Possibilities

Many cancer treatments have the potential to impact your overall quality of life (QoL). Before making any decision to use a treatment it is important to understand what might be the possible impacts of the treatment not only on the disease, but also on your life.   Impacts could be positive or they could be negative. [...]

Malecare Issued Patent For A Device and Method Which Can Reduce Secondary Tumors from Radiation Therapy

On October 27, 2015, Malecare was issued patent 9,168,002 for a device and method for real time simultaneous measurement of radiation at specific parts of your body,. Understanding cumulative radiation exposure in people undergoing ionizing radiation for diagnostics and medical treatment is essential towards reducing secondary tumors from primary radiation therapy.   We believe that the [...]

An Opinion Piece – The Time Has Come To Actually Manage The Adverse Effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT)

Starting androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) to treat advanced prostate cancer is usually the start of a long treatment period that will continue for many years, actually until you die. Since our goal in cancer treatment is to make cancer a chronic illness and since prostate cancer does progress for most men in a relatively slow [...]

Evaluating The Side Effects Of Docetaxel (Taxotere) vs Cabazitaxel (Jevtana)

Many men express great hesitation to move to chemotherapy with both docetaxel (taxotere) and cabazitaxel (Jevtana) because of the side effects which can include alopecia (hair loss), nail changes, neuropathy, and dysgeusia (a distortion of the sense of taste). A group of researchers hypothesized that the adverse side effects (AE) of these two chemotherapy drugs, [...]

Chemo-Brain and ADT for Advanced Prostate Cancer – Does It Exist?

When I went on my first round of hormone therapy (ADT) I experienced severe cognitive side effects. I found it impossible to concentrate, read and remember anything. I lost the ability to navigate the New York City subways no less drive my car to a destination. Occasionally, when I was attempting to navigate the subway [...]

From ASCO GU – Long Term Data Show Ra-223 Safe in Advanced Prostate Cancer

The novel radiopharmaceutical radium-223 (Xofigo) appears to have long term safety with minimal adverse events. In an updated report, given at ASCO GU, on the ALSYMPCA trial of radium-233 (Xofigo), the researchers have found that there is no major safety issues identified within ~1.5 years after the completion of treatment in a population of men [...]

A Personal Story with A Solution to An Uncommon Side Effect From Xtandi

I was lucky enough to have a consultant here in the UK who was able to get me Enzalutamide (Xyandi) on a compassionate use basis. It worked well for some six months for which I am very thankful but I suffered from an unusual, though listed, side effect. Apart from fatigue, which seems to be [...]

Side Effects of Xofigo – Are They Significant?

The following post is actually a response to a listserve issue over the side effects of Xofigo. I decided to post my response here to avoid the limit of lines allowed on the listserve and because I feel that it is also of interest to my regular readers of this blog. My response is using [...]