SEER PSA Data Is Flawed and Removed By the NCI – What Are the Implications for the Flawed USPTF PSA Debacle?

I am not sure what to do with this information, but it certainly could be described as a rather large elephant in the room. We all are very familiar with the prostate cancer PSA test controversy brought on by the United States Preventive Task Force (USPTF). To quickly review the issue, the USPTF developed a [...]

No PSA Test Means More Men will be Diagnosed with A Terminal Illness, Advanced Prostate Cancer

Finally, we are getting a little common sense discussion about the role of PSA screening. Not to beat a dead horse, but as we all know the United Sates Preventive Task Force (USPTF) changed their rating of the PSA test from a D to a F. The result of this change is that many doctors, [...]

The Current Status of the Debate on Prostate Cancer Screening

All of us in the prostate cancer world know that the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPTF) has announced its recommendation against routine PSA screening for men. There remains much debate and unhappiness in both the medical community (urologists and oncologists) as well as in the prostate cancer community itself. There remains a lot of [...]

FDA Approves the PHI Test to Screen for Prostate Cancer

Not in the normal realm of advanced prostate cancer, but important for the prostate cancer world is the news that the FDA has approved a new screening test for prostate cancer. The currently used screening tool, the PSA has only a 55% accuracy rate and as recently run into serious trouble with The U.S. Preventive [...]

Younger Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Have A Shorter Lifespan

Advanced prostate cancer poses a deadly paradox for younger men (aged 35 to 44 years). Younger men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer will have a shorter remaining life span than older men who develop the disease, despite the fact that in general younger men have a much lower risk of dying from prostate cancer. Daniel [...]

Jumbo Jet Crashes Killing All – So What

Imagine these headlines in your local newspaper: JUMBO JET CRASHES KILLING ALL – 1,000 PEOPLE DIE! The front pages of all of our newspapers would scream about this massive tragedy of “epic proportions.” Now imagine that that a jumbo jet crashes and kills everyone on board every two weeks for an entire year. Every two [...]