How Men Can Preserve Their Emotional Well Being When Fighting Advanced Prostate Cancer -Ideas For Interventions

In a study performed in the UK researchers explored how men with advanced prostate cancer support their personal well being. The study analyzed the practices used by five (5) men with advanced prostate cancer to maintain their emotional wellbeing. Information about the men’s individual practices was taken from face-to-face, semi-structured, in-depth interviews with the five [...]

The Impact of an Advanced Prostate Cancer Diagnosis on A Man

There was an interesting study done at the Department of Primary Care, Höglandssjukhuset, Nässjö, Sweden and the Department of Urology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital/SU Sahlgrenska, Gothenburg, Sweden. The study attempted to understand how men who are newly diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer are affected by fatigue before the side effects of any treatment has an impact [...]

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