We Need to Improve Access to Oral Chemotherapy By Changing Insurance Co-Pays and Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Cancer chemotherapy agents historically have been administered intravenously or by an injection. In recent times there have been a number of emerging oral chemotherapy. Most of us strongly prefer the oral drugs as they are a convenient and noninvasive alternative to intravenous and injected therapies. Additionally, many of the intravenously delivered chemotherapy drugs target and [...]

An Important Note for Residents of New York State -Ask Governor Cuomo to Sign the Oral Chemotherapy Equity Bill

There is some good news; the New York State Legislature has passed the Oral Chemotherapy Equity Bill. However, before this bill can become law we have to have Governor Cuomo sign it, we need all of our New York Residents to contact the governor and ask that he signs it. […]