Radiation Plus Hormone Therapy Prolongs Survival for Older Men with Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer *

It was recently discovered that if hormone therapy (ADT) is added to radiation cancer deaths are lowered by nearly 50 % in men with locally advanced prostate cancer aged 76 to 85 compared to men who only received hormone therapy. Prior studies have shown that 40% of men with aggressive prostate cancers are treated with [...]

The Really Big Factor in Prostate Cancer Deaths Is Age – Can Rationing Save Money?

Is it a subtle form of healthcare rationing with the goal of saving money at the expense of lives? Maybe that is what is going on. Older men are not economically as valuable to society as other individuals, in many people’s eyes they are actually a burden. Can a solution to the problem be to [...]

Evidence Shows Older Healthy Men Should Receive Treatment for Aggressive Prostate Cancer Despite the Nonsence Findings from the U.S. Preventive Task Force

Healthy, Older Men Live Longer With Aggressive Prostate Cancer Treatment so we should provide treatment. The US Preventive Task Force (USPTF) report which has caused huge amounts of debate in the prostate cancer community, especially surrounding the continuation of PSA testing and providing treatment for prostate cancer in older men has taken a good and [...]