How Quickly You Might Die From Advanced Prostate Cancer Depends On What Organs Are Involved

Researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute along with other cancer centers, in the largest analysis of its kind have found that the organ site where prostate cancer spreads has a direct impact on a man’s survival. They found that men with lymph-only metastasis statistically have the longest overall survival possibility, while those with liver involvement [...]

Predicting Survival in Men with Spinal Cord Compression from Metastatic Prostate Cancer

There was a recent study to investigate the predictive value of the number of extra-spinal organs involved by metastases for survival in metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC) from prostate cancer. This was a very small study of only 95 men irradiated with 10×3 Gy for MSCC from prostate cancer. The investigators considered seven factors: Age, [...]

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