The Really Big Question We all Ask, Will I Die from Prostate Cancer?

Because of the large amount of prostate cancer screening there has been a major shift in initial staging in prostate cancer  in western countries, with the incidence of metastases at diagnosis decreasing from over 50% in the 1970s to currently less than 10%.  Despite this very significant drop in late stage diagnoses prostate cancer is [...]

Time to Biochemical Failure and PSADT As Prognosticators To Metastatic Disease

A known fact is that between 15% to 35% of men who have surgery as their primary treatment after diagnosis of prostate cancer will experience a biochemical recurrence (BCR). The authors of a presentation, Michael B. Williams, MD, et al. presented at the American Urological Association Mid-Atlantic Section - 67th Annual Meeting - October 1 [...]

Extending Survival of Prostate Cancer Survivors by Using Sodium Clodronate

In a small trial using oral sodium clodronate, a bisphosphonate like Zometa and Fosamax, it was shown to extended prostate cancer survival by 23 percent (23%). The survival benefit was seen only when the drug was used in combination with hormone therapy in men with metastatic disease. Many doctors have believed that bisphosphonates could have [...]