Can Radiotherapy (Radiation) for the Primary Tumors Benefit Men With Prostate CancerWith Distant Metastasis at Initial Diagnosis?

The common belief is that if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer that has already developed metastases only a systemic treatment will provide a life extending benefit. In other cancers it has been shown that the treatment of the primary tumor improves survival (tumor debulking). To find out if, in fact radiotherapy treatment of the [...]

Doctoral Student Develops A Device That Provides An Up-Close Look At Cancer’s Movement In The Body

Sometimes scientific research is amazing! We are so lucky to have so many brilliant and gifted young people interested in conquering cancer. One of these brilliant young people is a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins, Andrew Wong. Mr Wong is a Ph.D. student studying materials science and engineering. Along with his facility advisor he has [...]

ASCO 2014 – Where the Tumors Are Located Influences Survival

ASCO has become a little more interesting for prostate cancer. Today's item is about a mega-analysis that confirms that the site of metastatic tumors will  powerfully predict overall survival (OS) among men with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Older and smaller studies had previously suggested that the metastatic site is prognostic for OS.  This [...]

Study Shows that the Metastasis-Free Period Affects Prostate Cancer Patient Survival

A study from Michael T. Schweizer, MD, and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Md. concluded that the longer the metastasis-free survival after a radical prostatectomy the longer overall survival in men who experience biochemical recurrence (PSA only recurrence) of their prostate cancer. This conclusion was made from a retrospectively study of 450 men [...]

Neurological Complications of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Rarely discussed, but very much a potential problem for men with advanced prostate cancer are neurological complications resulting from prostate cancer metastasis. Neurological complications of metastatic prostate cancer require quick treatment to minimize impact on a man, so early recognition is important. Family physicians when faced with a man complaining of low back pain or [...]

Where Are The Prostate Cancer Mets Located?

Sometimes I have heard the question, Where can prostate cancer metastasis (met) be found? Usually, the question really means, how can my met in my spleen or liver (or what ever) come from my prostate cancer? In realty, prostate cancer tumors can develop anywhere in the human body! There was a study of human cadavers [...]

The effect of PSA doubling time (PSADT) and Gleason score on the PSA at the time of initial metastasis in men with biochemical recurrence after prostatectomy.

The researchers took a cohort of 430 men with a biochemical recurrence (PSA increase only) after failed prostatectomy. The men underwent observation until they experienced metastatic disease as determined by CT or bone scan. The researchers then evaluated the PSA at the time the men developed metastasis for those patients who developed metastatic disease. PSA [...]

Long-Term Overall Survival & Metastasis-Free Survival Post Surgery After A Biochemical Recurrence of Prostate Cancer

Researchers at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center evaluated metastasis-free survival (MFS) and overall survival (OS) among men with a biochemical reoccurrence (PSA only) of prostate cancer after having received a radical prostatectomy but did not receive additional therapy until developing metastases […]